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European central bank

The European Central Bank has the objective of managing the euro, ensuring that prices remain stable and directing both economic and monetary policy in the Union. The European Central Bank consists of a president, a vice-president, together with the governors of the national banks of each member country. It was created in 1998 and itsContinue reading “European central bank”


Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental organization of which the 47 European states are part. It is based in Strasbourg (France). It was founded by the Treaty of London on May 5, 1949, states that: “The purpose of the Council of Europe is to achieve a closer union between its members to safeguard andContinue reading “Council of Europe”

What to seek for European Funds

Odas Global Consulting is a firm that has risen the ranks. They were founded back in 2003 and continue to do some great work. See how they have expanded over the years to offer more services than ever before as well. New clients will be ready to make the project useful to new people. BrokeringContinue reading “What to seek for European Funds”

The European Court of Auditors

The European Court of Auditors is responsible for verifying that European funds are collected and used correctly at all times. It contributes to improving the financial management of the EU. It is made up of 1 member from each of the member countries. It was created in 1977 and is based in Luxembourg. The EuropeanContinue reading “The European Court of Auditors”

European Funds Consultancy Options

Achieve an investment and see how the program is working. Odas Global Consulting has a top team of experts waiting for clients. The new client business can set up services in no time flat as well. That helps new client businesses achieve their own goals for the future work. The European Funds Consulting options areContinue reading “European Funds Consultancy Options”

European Funds Consultancy by ODAS Global Consulting

If you intend to access funds from European institutions on the development of your business, you should know that you will never manage to do it alone. This process is long-lasting and always requires the implication of the third party, otherwise called middleman, who is an entity trusted by both parties engaged in the agreementContinue reading “European Funds Consultancy by ODAS Global Consulting”

European funds consultancy by ODAS Global Consulting

ODAS Global Consulting offers a wide range of business consultancy services aimed to help companies recover and ensure an efficient management of resources. The company offers investment support, European funds consulting, lobbying, technology, development support and architecture services. ODAS’ driver force is a team of dedicated experts that always do their best to customize theContinue reading “European funds consultancy by ODAS Global Consulting”

European funds from ODAS Global Consulting

If you have a new start-up that needs a financial incentive to skyrocket, or a long established company that needs an upgrade to keep up with the market leaders, you definitely have to become a customer of ODAS Global Consulting where they will help you access generous financial aid from European institutions. Before you willContinue reading “European funds from ODAS Global Consulting”

Odas Global Consulting – The European Funds Consultancy

The Odas Global Consulting team is ready to do their part. Their work has raised awareness about the options people can secure. The European Funds are often touted by a lot of top experts in the world. These funds are valuable and helpful to a lot of client businesses in the world. Achieve an investmentContinue reading “Odas Global Consulting – The European Funds Consultancy”

European Funds Consultancy

European Funds operate under the common framework “European Structural funds at the European level are available in the EU Member States that need more investment in balanced and sustainable economic and social development. These funds contribute to the achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion and the main essential instruments of EU regional policy, whichContinue reading “European Funds Consultancy”