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European Funds Consultancy

European Funds operate under the common framework “European Structural funds at the European level are available in the EU Member States that need more investment in balanced and sustainable economic and social development. These funds contribute to the achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion and the main essential instruments of EU regional policy, which aim to reduce inequalities in the development of regions and countries.

Types of funds:

Grants – help with a specific project and co-financing. Activities that have already implemented cannot be fund. Only one grant in the form of a grant may award for a specific project,

Loans – Available for private and public sector projects, especially for local communities and SMEs,

Guarantees – available to banks, leasing companies, financial institutions, SMEs, etc.

Access to European funds, besides the obvious development opportunities offered, entails many challenges in implementing funding projects. They can become real threats if they are not identified, prepared and managed. The procedures for implementing and managing these types of projects are complex and require multidisciplinary knowledge, which has become a Modus vivendi for a professional consultant in this field.

There are many techniques, modern and innovative concept programs for consulting projects to obtain European funds, to successfully cope with the competition in the market and with client requirements. European Funds Consultancy is base on experience in the design and implementation of many projects.

European Funds Consulting refers to consulting services in all stages of the project, from the identification of needs and sources of funding, its flow to the end of the implementation period:

  • Identification of optimal financing sources for client needs;
  • Design and preparation of documentation required for obtaining financing – at this stage, depending on the client’s needs, market studies, business plans, financial analyzes, and financial requirements are made;
  • Structural and Cohesion Fund project management services;
  • Legal and financial consulting services;
  • Public procurement consultations;
  • Organizational development services, human resources development;
  • Change management solutions;
  • Training services.

The main goal of European Funds Consultancy is to enable clients and businesses to be trained in managing EU funds, to learn to plan project proposals independently and to strategically set them within defined priorities and measures, as well as financial constraints.

Consultants provide services:

  • Identification of ideas that can be applied to EU funds and preparation of project proposals (defining goals, activities, results and indicators),
  • Definition of priority and development projects ready for implementation (which is the basis for successful bidding for EU competitions and calls from other organizations that donate EU grants).

Consulting activities include:

  • Competition monitoring,
  • Assessment of adequacy,
  • Help find a project partner,
  • Project preparation and English translation: project justification, logical matrix, budget,
  • Proposal for financing from the European Funds,
  • Connecting with potential/key partners.

To whom are the European Funds consultations intended?

  • Public Authority,
  • Development agencies,
  • Business organizations,
  • Civil society organizations,
  • Educational institutions,
  • Scientific research institutions,
  • Tourist organizations,
  • All institutions that can apply as beneficiaries of EU funds.

During the consultation, beneficiaries develop the skills and attitudes needed to take part actively in the development and implementation of projects at the local and regional level.

European Funds Consultancy helps prepare, write and apply for European Funding projects, install projects and educate future managers. European Funds Consulting provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to work on European projects, from idea to realization.

As a top leader of accessing European funds consultancy, Odas Global Consulting offers complete solutions for obtaining financing. The company’s team of specialists creates European funds projects and helps to implement them, offering step-by-step juridical, financial and economic assistance.


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