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European funds from ODAS Global Consulting

If you have a new start-up that needs a financial incentive to skyrocket, or a long established company that needs an upgrade to keep up with the market leaders, you definitely have to become a customer of ODAS Global Consulting where they will help you access generous financial aid from European institutions. Before you will get to know how you can access these funds, let’s take it from the beginning. ODAS is a business consulting company that was born in a Romanian town in 2003. The company was really small at the beginning, offering a narrow spectrum of services, and focusing mainly on helping small local enterprises establish a better resource management. With each passing day, the company was getting new customers, while the portfolio was constantly adding new satisfied clients whose companies got on the growth track and started bringing significant revenues thanks to the intervention of ODAS experts.

Nowadays ODAS is the leader on the local market of business consulting, and is taking firm steps to become a visible and reputable player worldwide. The first point in the “going global” plan was successfully achieved, as the company has earned a large recognition on the European continent, having established strong collaboration ties with the most important decision-making factors in the European Union power system, as well as with the leading corporates and financial organisations. This very aspect allows ODAS to bring to its customers a new type of service that nobody else can offer on the local market. The company offers European Funds Consultancy where business owners can access European funds to help them grow, implement new infrastructure upgrading projects, and enlarge their pool of customers by financing marketing campaigns aimed to advertise the company’s product or service.

If you apply for European Funds consulting, you get a range of advantages. First of all, ODAS ensures that the aid is not a scam, and that you will receive the funds on time and in the amount agreed upon in the contract. The company operates with reputable and trustworthy financing partners that stick faithfully to each commitment and condition in the agreement. Also, European funds consultancy by ODAS helps you receive non-refundable credits, with no obligation to pay them back, where you are free to spend them on any kind of project related to your business.

ODAS Global Consulting has a team of hardworking and dedicated experts with years of expertise in the field of European funds consultancy that are ready to perform the entire paperwork for you, and negotiate the aid agreement on your behalf. Besides that, ODAS engages a powerful lobbying machine in the negotiating process, made up of professional lobbyists that carry out an aggressive advocacy campaign in support for your company, praising it as a reliable and promising partner that has high growth potential and whose product is worth investing in. The team of experts will dedicate all their efforts into helping you get access to the funds, while committing to take into considerations your personal desires and the peculiarities of your business.


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