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European funds consulting in Cluj-Napoca

ODAS Global Consulting is a professional consulting firm that’s growing and expanding dynamically. It is now visible both in Romania and globally, with offices all around the world. Our main headquarters is in Romania, one of them being right in the “Heart of Transylvania”, in Cluj-Napoca. For superior quality, professional European funds consulting services, you can find us in Cluj-Napoca, or online at


Cluj-Napoca, also called “The Heart of Transilvania” or “The Treasure City”, is one of the most important centers in Romania, in terms of culture, academy, industry and business. This city has one of the most dynamic economies in Romania and is the second most important financial center in Romania.

Some of the most developed economic sectors in Cluj-Napoca are trading, IT&C, agriculture, tourism, food industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and car manufacturers. Cluj has become a target for foreign investors due to its flourishing economy.

Cluj-Napoca is one of the cities with the highest safety degree in Romania. The quality of life here is extremely high, ranking above many influential European cities, such as Barcelona, Paris, London, Rome, etc. In Cluj, you can find us on Strada Teleorman 16, Cluj-Napoca 400573.

ODAS Global consulting

ODAS Global Consulting is a professional European funds consultancy firm, with almost two decades of experience in this field. Our consultants are experts in a wide range of areas of activity, such as business consulting, management, worldwide investments, accessing European funds, lobby, architecture, cybersecurity, among others.

Ever since 2003 when it was founded, ODAS has made a reputation for being a transparent and professional consulting firm, which attracted hundreds of customers. ODAS Global Consulting is a top leader when it comes to European funds consulting, regardless of whether they are coordinated by the Romanian Managing Authorities, the European Commission, or even the international agencies.

European funds consulting services in Cluj

European funds can be extremely valuable. They give you the opportunity to grow your own business, or even to start a new business. Accessing these non-refundable European funds, however, involves a complex process, a rather complicated one if you do not have advanced knowledge about European funds.

ODAS Global Consulting offers you real support and guidance throughout the process, in order to ensure you the successful granting of the funds you need for your business. Our vision is to see you succeed and to provide you with services that fully meet your professional needs.

In order to increase your chances for your financial aid application to be approved, our consultants will provide you with all the necessary support. We will complete your application for a grant agreement, the declarations, and forms of annexes. We will also draw up and elaborate a complex investment plan, as well as prepare your dossier for granting the financial aid you need, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

ODAS Global Consulting provides you with superior quality European funds consulting services in Cluj-Napoca. For more information, you can visit us at our office in Cluj, or online, on our website.


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