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Why you should choose to work with a professional business consulting firm in Malta

A professional business consulting firm is essential in every business owner’s road to success. In order to truly succeed in business and make a significant impact, you need the guidance, knowledgeable ideas, and sustainable solutions of an expert consulting team. A professional firm like ODAS Global Consulting can help your business grow optimum, become profitable and successful. Choose to work with the number one consulting firm in business development, for a thriving enterprise.

Malta, Gzira

Malta is a beautiful island located right in the center of the Mediterranian Sea. It is ranked as an advanced economy country. Malta joined the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations in 1964, the European Union in 2004, and became part of the Eurozone in 2008.

Gzira is an important city in Malta. Even though it is not the island’s capital city, Gzira is a beautiful tourist destination and a major financial center. It is known for its real estate market, the advanced economy as well as for being a freight transshipment point. Gzira has become home to a large community of entrepreneurs, especially for the ones running the online betting and financial sector.

The ODAS Global Consulting office is located in a modern, bright building inside the Savoy Gardens complex, a beautiful residential area. For outstanding business and management consulting services, you can reach out to us at Savoy Gardens, Rue D’Argens, Gzira – GZR 1362 Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta.

Business consulting’s benefits

A professional consulting firm like ODAS Global Consulting has over two decades of experience. Our consultants are not just experts in business consulting, but in marketing, lobby, accessing EU funds, worldwide investments, architecture, and cybersecurity as well. We can help you with professional guidance and effective, innovative solutions in any given situation. ODAS knows all the trends of the current business environment, therefore they can provide you with a truly effective marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy provided by ODAS Global Consulting consists of more than a cute logo and a slogan. We will build you an entire visual identity, a strong memorable one that will not only attract your viewers but increase awareness for your business.

We’ve been in the business consultancy market for almost 20 years. Our complete, superior quality services have helped us satisfy the needs of over 500 customers. We provide you with the necessary tools to bring your business as close to maximum profit as possible and we define your development direction according to the current business environment.

ODAS Global Consulting will build a strong visual identity for your business as well as a complex business plan that will help you identify and, if needed, overcome any challenges specific to your business field of activity.

We are the best business partner that you can wish for. Our professional business consulting services can make your business truly profitable and successful. Visit us in Malta, Gzira, inside the Savoy Gardens, or read more about our services online, on our website, at


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