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ODAS Global Consulting offers consultancy for EU grants in energy efficiency and sustainable transport

ODAS Global Consulting oers consultancy for EU grants in energy eciency and sustainable transport Odas Global Consulting oers consultancy for obtaining European funding in investments in residential complex, energy eciency and sustainable transport. The grants for investments in residential complex, energy eciency and sustainable transport are oered to the joint initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission (EC), under the Horizon 2020 program. The program addresses to public limited companies, partnerships limited by shares and limited liability companies with a turnover between 500,000 and 2 million euros.

Also, applicants must have a minimum of 40% of energy consumption that comes from renewable sources, with a value of the project of minimum 7,000,000 and maximum 30,000,000, but also the construction cost of the apartments should not exceed the market value. “Taking over the energy renovation operations in residential buildings is a European priority. The program aims to help private individuals and owners’ associations, in order to prepare and implement energy renovations in private and public residential buildings. Through our business consulting services, we oer support to all those who want to benet from nancing within this program. So, if you want smart nancing for smart building and have no clue on what to do next, we are here to help you, with all the information you need, in order to get the nancing, you want, says Dragos Ionut Onescu, General Manager of Odas Global Consulting.

Odas Global Consulting is a business consultancy company founded in 2003 that has grown dynamically, to provide professional services globally. With experience in business consulting, Odas oers complex services, such as consulting in business development, accessing European funds, lobbying next to European institutions, architecture and investments. People who want to start a business or want to improve their existing business can turn to Odas Global Consulting to increase the value of the company, mergers and acquisitions, rebranding, eective marketing campaigns, business evaluation, accounting, human resources, business plan and many others.

When it comes to accessing European funds, Odas consultants offer european funds consultancy for writing successful projects. They have experience in writing and implementing great projects and oering step-by-step assistance. Services such as feasibility studies, market research, marketing studies and strategies, economic and nancial analysis economic and nancial analysis or nancial projections are in the job description of Odas consultancy team. Through their investment consulting services, they activate in areas such as: tourism, real estate, poultry, production, trade, construction, etc. Nevertheless, they oer lobby services near the European institutions, with emphasis on respect, honesty, loyalty to their clients, professionalism and competence. The quality of Odas Global Consulting services can also been noticed in their architecture services, being a company that oers complete services which can turn a simple idea into a successful business.

For more information regarding the business consultancy services oered by Odas Business Consulting, please visit their website or email them at You can also contact them to their oces in Romania, Brussels, Malta, France, New York, Washington and Beijing.


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